Wednesday, June 2, 2010

KG escapee

I was subbing the other day. I had one of many lunch recess duties. I was in charge of the third grade class. Some other classes also came outside while I was out there. Teachers and staff know to strategically place ourselves in the correct "position" so that we can view all areas of the playground with just the turn of our heads.

It was rather chaotic and as we tried to watch all the kids, I see a young student climbing over the fence. CLIMBING OVER THE FENCE! I ran over, shouting, "hey, what are you doing?" To which the boy responds, "I needed my car." WHAT? Since I did not want him climbing back over, risking getting hurt upon going back over the fence, I walked alongside of him...him on the outside, me on the the door. Then once he was inside, I ran to the recess door and met him in the hallway. We chatted about it, and we both went out to recess. I watched him like a hawk and when it was my time to go back inside, I asked the other teacher to use the radio and ask our principal to meet me outside my classroom's door.

I told him what happened and he sighed and sorta laughed. Apparently this student is known to do odd things. I do not know what the punishment was...but is was rather amusing that a KG student climbed over the fence.

First time for everything.

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