Friday, October 21, 2011

what the heck?

First of all, I would like to apologize to our loyal fan base for not posting more often. You would think we both would have more to say after spending our days with students. Come on, Teacher, let's post more often!......I am the first person your kids see every day.. well, at least if they ride my bus. If not, then they see someone else. I greet all my kids with a good morning, or I like your hat, or something to let them know I see them. Today was one of the best days.. Let me give you some background. .....I like to wear winter hats. I like to wear them when it's cold, not just all the time as we see some tween/teen doing. It's been rather chilly here and have worn some hats this week. Yesterday I had on one that looks like the black bomb angry bird.. today, was a sock monkey. At my second stop, a very cute girl, I think 1st grade, has on a sock monkey hat, too! (her hat was better than mine.. much cuter) I got all excited and told her that her hat was great. Her mom came up to the service door and chatted a minute with me. Nice way to start the morning. .....After my other six stops and picking up all my kids (about 65), we are off to school. And yes, I have a full bus. Seven stops, some picking up 15, 16 kids, makes a full bus. When we get to school and are unloading, some of the older kids.. 5th grade... who are the last off the bus are nearing the front, they tell me they like my hat. I thank them.. they say I am cool. (hahahhahhaha... ) I ask them if I am cooler than the driver in the PM.. (I drive for a different ele and then a middle school in the PM) and they say yes!, I am cooler. HA! I tell them they should ask Mr. Dwayne to sing for them as he looks like Cee Lo Green. The one girl can't stop laughing because that is who SHE thinks he looks like, too!

It was just a great morning.
Should I post my hats? Ok, you twisted my arm.