Friday, June 18, 2010


I subbed for a 5th grade math teacher in summer school the other day. I think I have figured out a HUGE part of the problem with the math scores in this country....KIDS CAN'T READ!!!! OR, THEY CHOOSE NOT TO!!!!

Approximately 95% of the students missed one of the problems. It was a fairly easy problem...but they skipped the word "twice". They knew the process to use to solve the problem, but becuase they missed that one little word, they got the problem wrong. I asked one kid to read the problem outloud to me, and he refused. Eventually, he gave into my goading and read the problem. When he finished, I asked him what major word did he skip over the first time. He told me!!! He then took about 5 seconds to calculate the correct answer. UGH!!!

If we are going to test the math ability of students, WHY ARE WE USING A STINKIN' READING TEST TO DO IT???????

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