Monday, May 31, 2010

Interesting observation....

Many teachers on my campus are showing movies these last few days of school....what else is there to do when half of your class is being pulled out for this incentive or that program and your grades have to be turned in almost a week before school is out???? Because this time of the year has the kids turning into complete aliens--as in forms of life we don't recognize--our team has an incentive party. This year, only 10 students were not allowed to participate. SWEET!!!! (We make them responsible for their behavior--and most step up to the plate!) One of the activities we have are movies in the afternoon. Each room shows something different. Almost every room had a "new" the kids have probably seen a million times....or at least twice! The kids were talking and doing things other than watching. I showed 2 that has been re-done recently and one based on a true story. Both are pretty old considering--one from 1971 and the other from 1995. The kids watched the first intently and were TOTALLY mesmerized by the second....I almost wonder if these kids would have ever seen either movie if i hadn't shown them.

That would be sad.

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that girl said...

well, what were the movies?