Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Recent Event

Last week, the high school in my district where my students go after they have me held a special event. I briefly heard about it just before it happened. Then, I heard a little more that night. The next day, I read about it in the newspaper. I just have to say this: My district is AWESOME!!!!!! They really went above and beyond the norm. Even in this rough time of teacher layoffs, and budget cuts, I'm proud to be a part of this district. That is what happened.

3 years ago, a freshman student "Joe" was diagnosed with a form of cancer in his leg which resulted in his leg being amputated. The cancer came back and attacked his lungs. Joe had a portion of his right lung removed. Throughout this entire ordeal, Joe never gave up. He worked very hard to keep his grades up and to stay with his class. The cancer came back and is in his left lung. The doctors can do nothing more for this young man. Because of his dreams and goals in life, he pushed harder and completed all of his coursework to graduate...not in May with the rest of his class, but now, in March. The high school put together a graduation ceremony for Joe. It wasn't a small ceremony either. The entire auditorium was filled. The band played, the choir sang, the school board was there....everything like a "real" graduation ceremony. The best part of this story though??? Joe isn't finished. His new goal is to graduate from college and be an engineer.

Even if he doesn't complete this next goal, he has inspired an entire community. Way to go, Joe!!