Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Kids these days.....

We have several students who have not been successful on our state test in the past. We offer many different strategies to help them become successful this year. My question though is "How do you make THEM care?" I feel like I have participated in an IronMan competition and they haven't even crossed the starting line. I have stayed after school to provide tutoring--even purchasing snacks for them with my own money--and they don't even attend. I am not in my classroom the last period of the day, but I have another teacher in there. I have told her to NOT let them leave the room. Yet, every day, I return to an empty classroom. I have called parents. I have sent letters. I have even assigned detention to get them there. To no avail.

This is the future of our country!!!!! Pretty scary!!!

I actually had a conversation with one of the kids the other day that went like this....

Teacher: Are you breathing?
Student: What do you mean?
T: Are you breathing?
S: I don't know what you mean.
T: Are you breathing at the moment?
S: Yeah, I guess.
T: Good--because that is the only thing you are doing!!!

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that girl said...

I love, LOVE the breathing conversation!!