Saturday, April 3, 2010

April Fool's Day

Last Thursday was April Fool's Day. I really hadn't planned on pulling any pranks on my kids, but it just seemed to happen naturally...after I realized that I can keep a straight face quite well. Earlier in the week, the top of one of my desks came unfastened on one side. This caused the desk to flip up if pressure was applied to the front. The first student in my third period class to bang the top while signing for their progress report happened to be the daughter of our Parent Booster club. I thought I would mess around with her. (When the desk first became loose in that class period, I told the boy who sat there that he would have to pay for the desk if it came apart.) So, I told this girl that she broke the desk and would have to pay for it. She was kind of upset, but I figured she would realize I wasn't serious. After school that day at tennis, I asked another student about it. She commented that she thought I was serious. I couldn't believe that. The next day, I polled the class and THEY thought I was serious! So, on April 1st, I said a lot of things and they kept asking "April Fool's?" WHAT FUN I HAD!!!!

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