Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Teacher Appreciation Week

Yup, that's this week. Do I care? Not really. However, I am slightly aggravated with others that I work with. You see, they have posted not one, but TWO status updates on a social networking site about it. Telling people it is this week and there are only two days left. To me, that is like DEMANDING that someone appreciate you. It's when people appreciate you when you least expect it that makes all the difference....and means SO much more!!!!

For example, this past Friday our school hosted a fun event for the kids. It was an evening full of games--4 hours worth! I thought it would be boring, but I was WRONG! (The best part was the student-teacher dodgeball game. The kids could only come as far forward as the half-court line. The teachers could cross and go all the way to the free-throw line. Teachers also had unlimited life. LOVED IT--even though I did take a couple of balls to the head/face. Thankfully they were soft.) While at the event, two parents started a conversation with me about their kiddos. Both thanked me for what I do to help their kids and said they were thankful for the work that I give their kids because it prepares them for high school. On Saturday, I helped chaperone the fine arts departments trip to a local water park. (Fun, fun!!! But, I forgot the sunscreen so I'm a bit red at the moment...) One of the music directors and I engaged in a conversation about kids and homework. She also thanked me for preparing her child for high school. (He's now a sophomore in college.)

Another example?? A few weeks ago, I was getting ready to leave after a late night when I noticed a police car in the parking lot. I asked the other coach if she knew what was going on. Before she could answer, the police officer was standing at the door. We opened it and the officer pointed to me and said "I'm looking for you!" (About a million thoughts went through my head--none were correct!) I had taught this particular officer a few years ago and she was now tutoring some kids who were having difficulty in math. She remembered a strategy I used and wanted to use it with these kids.

That is what teacher appreciation is! Not some cheesy gifts that cost way too much money from PTA's/PTO's/Parent Booster Clubs/Administrators!!!! (I hope that doesn't make me sound ungrateful....I do appreciate when those groups do activities or supply gifts....I'm just saying....)

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