Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Update from the teacher....

Well, I didn't have the substitute subbing for me last week. I sure wish I did!!!!!! The first sub I had could not follow my directions. I find this hard to believe since I am kind of anal and leave very detailed plans (I think the final count was 5 pages of instructions, 4 pages for attendance, 3 pages of pictures, and one page of a seating chart--for three days!). I think the only thing I didn't tell him was to breathe every few seconds. The students were so lost!!!!! I received an email that first night that wasn't very complimentary, to say the least. I was able to throw it back on the kid though, so it wasn't too bad for me. (Thank heaven I have a good relationship with that mom!) I also had a voice mail from another parent after that first day. YIKES!

When I returned to school, I found out from the kids that he asked student X to take the attendance down to the office first period. I left a note that students, A, B, C, or D may take the attendance. I did not say student X could go. I can't trust student X. (Student X has been caught in about 10 different lies this year--including one where she accused me of something I did NOT do!!!!--and has been in a fight with student Y, who is also in that class. I broke up the fight...It was quite fun, but I digress...I must be ADHD!!!) Mr. Not-Very-Good couldn't even figure out how to start the powerpoint. Double runs by itself! Then, he told the students to do the homework completely wrong. UGH!

The next sub was great!!!!! In fact, I received a compliment from our assistant principal today about her. I'm so happy A could sub for me. First of all, A is going to college to be a teacher. Second, she has subbed for me before and knows what I "expect." Third, she sat through an entire year with me when she was in 7th grade. (Man do I feel old!) This is what the AP said, "I walked by your room one day and not only was the class in control, but A was up and TEACHING! A sub TEACHING! Can you believe that?" I was so proud. She said the kids were well behaved but talkative. So, I compromised on the contract. They don't get the soda/chip party, but they don't get tortured either. No one has complained.

After I returned, I found out a lot of gossip about things that happened while I was away. Man, I missed all the good stuff!!!!! (fights--students and teachers--moonings, truancies, assaults, weapons, terroristic threats, irate parents, teachers passing out, kidnappings--not all on my campus. These events took place in our county.)

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