Thursday, February 12, 2009

the office, day four

You will never believe what happened today in THE OFFICE today. Let me set it up...

The phone rings. Hello, "____ School" is a parent. Can I please speak with my child? He is in class, I say. I also ask if it is an emergency and the response is yes. I tell the parent I will request the child come to the office (there it is again) and he will call home. I call the student the office (again, my show) and he calls home. After listening to the conversation, another staff member in the office asks, so what is the emergency? Does the school need to know? The student proceeds to tell us the mom needed to know where the TV remote was.

WHAT? Are you kidding me?

Later in the day, another teacher tells me that a parent had left a message on her voice mail for her son to call her at home. This teacher did not have the student call as it was not an emergency. A bit later, the parent calls again (the line can go into the classroom) and she asks to speak to her son. Long story short, she wanted to know where the battery charger for something TV related is....!!

Imagine, two in one day. What would these parents do without their remotes?!


Mom of Three said...

I think the question really is "What would these people do without their child!?!"


the teacher said...

You have GOT TO BE KIDDING! I so can NOT believe this. We get parents doing stupid things, but never this!