Tuesday, March 16, 2010


If your child came home from school saying "Mom, we get to use the F-word, the N-word, and WTF if math class", WHAT WOULD YOU DO???? Hopefully you would question your child more instead of just calling the school and complaining.

These are 3 teaching methods I use in class. The F-word means Formula Word. There are five formula words that we use--Area, Perimeter, Circumference, Volume, and Surface Area. The N-word means NOT. For some reason, kids skip over that three-letter word that means so much. WTF=What's the Formula?? When we are finding the area of a shape, I make the kids do a multi-step process. List the shape, list the "F-word", write WTF and the formula, plug and chug (fill in the numbers and solve), write the answer, write the label. If they do this every time, they are almost certain to get the correct answer!

This just makes learning a little more fun!

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