Sunday, March 7, 2010


What is the deal with students and homework? When I was in school--many, many, many years ago--we had homework daily. Researchers suggest students are successful if they have 10 minutes for every year in school they are in--seventh graders should have 70 minutes of homework a night. My students have about 15-20 minutes of math homework a night--if they waste time in class and don't finish. No other subject in our school gives homework regularly...well, reading has them read their library book for homework. I average 1-7 kids per class period DAILY who do not have their homework finished. WHAT IS UP WITH THAT?????? My policy is to have the kids call home each day when they do not have their homework finished. I have kids who call home DAILY! AND THEY ACTUALLY TALK TO THEIR MOM OR DAD DAILY!!! Why are these parents not requiring their kids to do their work?????? Then, when the kid fails, the parent has the nerve to question ME!

In order to be successful in Math, you HAVE TO HAVE HOMEWORK!!!!!!

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I should have my son read this.