Sunday, June 7, 2009

Funny or Sad?

Being the cheer sponsor, I have a ton of stuff in my classroom--boxes and boxes of koozies, totebags, water bottles, t-shirts, concession cups, towels, and seat cushions. (I counted at least 12 boxes the other day!)

Recently my team hosted our final academic pep rally. One of the activities at this pep rally was a relay race. Since the theme was based on auto racing, we had each team design a car out of a box. My cheer stuff had to be moved into different boxes. For a few days, the seat cushions were piled up on the floor. (These are your basic plastic covered pads with advertising on one side.) The following conversations ensued.

Me: Watch out so you don't trip over the seat cushions.

Few minutes go by.

Kid: Miss, are those life jackets?

Me: Yup (Thinking "Are you serious?")

A day or two go by.

Me: Quit goofing around and leave the seat cushions alone.

Kid: Miss, you said those were life jackets.

Me: No, you said that. Do you really think they would float since they have holes in them?!

And, this is the future of our planet.

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