Tuesday, October 8, 2013

hello? is anybody there?

Hey!  Hey, you!  Yes, you, over there.  Why aren't we writing more often?  We must have more things to share about spending time with kids all day.  Or part of the day.  Or a fraction of the day..  get it, teacher?  YOU TEACH MATH.  A fraction??


I would like to introduce another author.  She is a certified teacher and certified librarian, or licensed or whatever the credentials may be.  I am adding her to the list of those of us that work with kids all day.  She is a children's librarian and also an outreach librarian to a local school district.  We will, once again, be vague about where so that our livelihoods and much more is protected.  Once I get her set up with all the awesome blogging credentials, she will hopefully post something soon.  She is an excellent writer.  And I really mean that!  I conferred with "the teacher" and she says maybe this new writer will actually keep us current on posts!  We shall see. 

So, without further adieu, um, yeah... I don't know how to introduce her as I don't know how she will name herself!  You will just have to come back to read for yourself. 

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