Saturday, May 14, 2011

Silly Children....

On May 6th, one of the teachers in our hallway purchased a cheeseburger from the cafeteria for lunch. After she put mayonnaise on her sandwich, she realized she purchased a chopped beef sandwich from a fundraiser. She decided to give her uneaten cheeseburger to a student. She chose Aaron. Aaron did not eat the burger, nor did he take it home. He left it in his locker over the weekend! The air conditioning on our campus shuts off on Friday and doesn't come on until someone fixes it on Monday--usually around noon or so. The temp in our building Monday morning was approximately 87 degrees. Around 2:30 on Monday, we had locker clean-out. Aaron found his cheeseburger. Another student, Martin, offered Aaron $1 to eat the cheeseburger. SO. HE. DID!!!!!!!! One bite. The kids in the room started making noises and the teacher in the room was alerted to the situation. Another teacher and I made Aaron go to the restroom and throw up. Told him to stick his fingers down his throat if he had to. Thankfully, he was successful with this as our nurse had nothing to offer to help in the process. When I asked him why and he told me about the dollar, I told him I would give him the money next time!

Whew!!! Trip to the ER or a VERY sick child was averted!!! Hopefully he learned his lesson!!!

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