Saturday, February 7, 2009

Preparing for a substitute...

This last week I was out Wednesday-Friday to attend a technology convention. (What a great trip!) However, to prepare for those three days took a lot of planning and work. I wanted my students to still learn something while I was gone, and I can't afford to just give them busy work. A few years ago, I came up with the perfect solution. Since we are always working on geometry/measurement concepts at this time of the year, the kids could work on perimeter/circumference, area, and volume. There is a process and you really just have to repeat the process often.

I created a PowerPoint presentation for each topic--one per day--and added voice over instructions. So, the kids still hear my voice, still get a lesson, and everyone is happy. (I also had to prove to my principal that the kids wouldn't be losing out because I was gone.)

The basic slide show remains the same from year to year, but I have to re-do the voice overs and timings every year. I tend to make comments during the show that relate directly to the students in those classes. Some years I add jokes--this year, I didn't. I also make sure to remind them to behave and not act like complete fools.

That, brings me to the other item I use to prepare for a substitute. I have them sign a Sub Contract. In it, I state the consequences for bad behavior and the rewards for good behavior. This year, some of my brats kids wanted to refuse to sign the contract. I told them it would be an automatic office referral, and it didn't matter if they signed or not. Those were the consequences and by signing it only told their parents they knew in advance what would happen. They all signed!

Don't know yet, if I get to torture or reward them....I'll keep you posted.

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