Monday, January 19, 2009

do we really have to go back?

Ah, a very long weekend. Here in the OH, we had a nice long weekend due to snow, ice and very, very cold temps. Sorry, teacher, but I don't think you had that in Texas!

I actually called off tomorrow. I want to stay at home and be in front of the TV all day. Tomorrow is history. Yes, HISTORY.

My brother is a teacher, too, in the city of Chicago. He teaches high school and do you know what I found out today? His students will be taking exams tomorrow. I think that, if at all possible, students around our country need and should be watching The Inauguration of our 44th President. This is one of those defining moments that you will remember where you are and what you were doing.

I am especially puzzled that the students at his high school, IN THE CITY OF CHICAGO, won't be witnessing history. Not only is Obama from Illinois, but he is from Chicago.

Whatever you are doing tomorrow, if possible in any way, shape or form, you should be taking part in a defining moment in our country's history.

Savor every moment of it!

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